Why I Started GuideOn Education?

My Peter Parker Moment

I have received a great deal of interest in the origin story of GuideOn Education Consulting LLC. As a Marvel and DC Comics fan… I believe that all superheroes have to start somewhere. For me, it was raising my right hand to pledge allegiance to God, Country, & the American Dream. Fast Forward through a series of trials and tribulations, a 7-year itch of Education, Professional Development, and Self Discovery… here I stand a veteran and women-owned small business trying to make an impact on the lives of veterans, military families, and the organizations that support them.

I was sitting in Lafayette Square in the Nation’s Capital pondering my ambitions and being my own boss among other things. I remember making a list. One of the many Type A things I do and I wrote down my strengths. It was like activating a superpower and a heightened spidey sense. I left my old self on the cornered bench in the square and I walked away a new women… more determined, informed, and full of fire with a running list of all the problems I wanted to solve and devised a plan of networks to make it happen… the rest is history. Less than a month of returning from D.C., I started GuideOn Education Consulting LLC in September 2018.

A Flag Worth Following

In every service branch, a Guidon is a flag of symbolic tradition and pride. It is a military standard that company/battery/troop or platoon-sized detachments carry to signify their unit designation and branch/corps affiliation or the title of the individual who carries it.

GuideOn’s logo is displayed as if it were on a “moving object” like a person or vehicle, the highest position of honor is the front and not the rear. A book with pages exposed can be found within the red flag as an artefact of learning, poise, wisdom, and moral fortitude. In its pictorial representation, a book stands for a lifestyle, an attitude, or a calling. Finally, the compass signifies guidance; the ability to point you in the right direction no matter what chapter of life you are in.

A Guidon or “GuideOn” is a play on words to address the many areas of military community in a how-to genera format. Whether you are navigating higher education, employment, or military transition there is much to be offered with adaptive veteran programing on all fronts. 

See A Need Fill a Need: A Problem Worth Solving

GuideOn uses a see a need fill a need philosophy. After years of servicing veterans in the community the following were identified needs from constituents in higher education and organizations seeking or improving their veteran support.

  • Limited RecruitmentRetention, and Realignment Strategies for meaningful veteran programming to Universities/Colleges to bridge a demographic shift in higher education.

  • Lack Luster or Know-How to Evaluate or Improve Veteran Branding.

  • Confusion surrounding veteran based information and resources on multiple levels of programming local, state, & federal).

  • Not Knowing Where to Start or How to Improve due to administrative hurdles, HR, time, or understanding of the veteran community.

  • Lack of Veteran Program cohesiveness.

  • Underdeveloped Partnerships or Lack of Administrative Buy-In.

  • Uncertainty of Design/Development to Adapt and Improve upon local, state, and federal Education, Employment, and Transition Programs.

As a leader in your organization you ever thought…Where do I start? What questions do I ask? How do I recruit, retain, and help my veterans thrive in my organization? What kind of continuous programming will help educate my staff/faculty or my veteran cohort? Where do I look for military resources and programs? How do I incorporate veteran best practices in to my organization? Who can I partner with meet my organization’s goals? How do I make meaningful connections with the veteran community to attract talent and build  my brand as “Veteran Friendly or Veteran Ready”?

If you identify with any of these issues or frequently asked questions… GuideOn is right there with you and willing to help you identify your pain points to work toward your objectives.

“Your mission becomes our Mission2Serv”

The GuideOn Solution

As a one of a kind Veteran Program Consultant we can offer personalized “GuideOn” navigation for your organization’s future endeavors and immediate needs. Knowing where to research, what questions to ask, and how to ask for assistance to build a network of like-minded individuals to improveeducate, and connect information and opportunities.

Ways GuideOn can help you reach your organizations:

  • Provide How-to in RecruitmentRetention, and Branding Realignment Strategies for meaningful veteran programming for nontraditional students, virtual resource platforms, first-year experience curriculum, and student organization buy-in for higher education.

  • Know-How in Veteran Advocacy Issues, Policies, Resources, and Information on multiple levels of programming(local, state, & federal).

  • Using Communication Management, Conflict Resolution, and Solution Focused Team Engagement to provide a Strong Values Proposition and Organizational Delivery to Stakeholders/Community Partners.

  • Creating cohesive Design/Development to Adapt and Improve upon local, state, and federal Education, Employment, and Transition Programs.

GuideOn Services:

We will provide GuideOn ConsultingKeynote Speaking, or Mentorship to meet the need on all fronts.

GuideOn Consulting Areas of Expertise:

  • Veteran Education Benefit Resource Knowledge, Creation, & Consolidation.
  • Education, Employment, and Transition Program Design Strategies and Development.
  • Communication Management in Organizational Delivery.
  • Stakeholder Identification and Community Partnership Outreach

Keynote Speaking: Need an engaging speaker on motivational, educational, or training topics for your staff/faculty or veterans? Look no further as GuideOn can provide aid in workshops, seminars, and keynote addresses to meet the needs of your organization.

Mentorship: Are you a veteran in need of a personal “GuideOn” military transition or education? GuideOn understands what a value asset our service members and their families are to the community. GuideOn will provide mentorship or coaching on a weekly or monthly basis through Veterati: America’s Mentoring Network for the Military.

In long term GuideOn wishes to create a one-stop-shop Virtual Resource Platform geared toward service members and veterans to access higher education niched resources. We believe in accountability, structure, and clear resources or how to processes simplified to leverage your personal success, which is why A GuideOn Education The 5 Steps to Success Resource Manual for Veterans was created to help fellow veterans navigate their next chapter. GuideOn anticipates building adaptive curriculum, workshops, and products in the near future so stay tuned…

The Best is yet to come…

A GuideOn Education: The 5 Steps to Success Resource Manual for Veterans—Coming Soon!

Are you looking to get a clearer picture of what you need to know, what to ask, and what to consider before you step foot on campus? Whether you are pursuing a degree, a trade, entrepreneurship, or direct employment A GuideOn Education offers something for everyone whether you are fresh off active duty, a reservist, in the guard, or a veteran looking to switch things up. We understand that it is easy to get lost with the current amount of layered higher education resources, let alone the plethora of local, state, and federal programs designed to help veterans and their families during transition. Our meat and potatoes how to guide, will help you discover something about yourself and aims to create a plan of action moving into the next chapter of your life.

Well that’s all she wrote… for now

We hope this article gave you the insight on the greatness that is GuideOn Education Consulting LLC. We are only six months in and bootstrap working our way into the market. We understand that the value we provide as it will be a constant need in a country that values its veterans and military community at large.

In the meantime reach out to GuideOnEducationConsulting@gmail.com and let’s schedule a 30min Free Consultation and discover a plan of action. You can follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube Channel (PSA’s in progress).

Be on the lookout: http://www.GuideOnEducation.com is almost ready to launch!

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