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Meet Ashley Gorbulja: Warrior, Scholar, Leader, Advocate, & Entrepreneur

WARRIOR Ashley started her military career in the Ohio Army National Guard. She enlisted as a 31B (military police) as a mere private in 2011, attempting to gain her financial footing to alleviate the economic burden on her family. Up to that point, she would not have been able to afford school, nor had it […]

Four Degrees, Debt Free!: How I did it.

I have often been asked how I graduated with three degrees debt-free: an anomaly but an extraordinary accomplishment in a generation plagued by student debt. I figured I would share some tips that helped me navigate this process, allowing me to earn $36,500 in private scholarships to supplement my GI Bill or their lack of. […]

Why I Started GuideOn Education

I have received a great deal of interest in the origin story of GuideOn Education Consulting L.L.C. As a Marvel and D.C. Comics fan, I believe that all superheroes have to start somewhere. For me, it was raising my right hand to pledge allegiance to God, the country, and the American dream. Fast forward through […]

SVA Chapter Leaders GuideOn Planning & Fundraising

Convincing your institution NATCON is where you need to be & how to raise the money to get there Climate Control Pitching why you should attend the Student Veteran of America’s National Convention to your university or college shouldn’t be difficult… but still, the struggle persists. After attending the SVA National Convention for the first […]

GuideOn A Year in Review: Turning the page on Chapter 3

Today we celebrate another milestone in the life of GuideOn Education – three years of educating, inspiring, and connecting our clients, partners, and audience with new opportunities! Our mission remains as a personal guide on the military-connected community. Our commitment is still to people first, mission always. To commemorate this day, we wanted to highlight […]

The Tides Rise for Non-Traditional Students

Much like a tsunami, higher education is undergoing a series of waves caused by a large and sudden displacement of students and faculty. An invisible virus permeated the globe, transforming “how and where” we pursue our education. Unfortunately, the pandemic became the experiment many colleges and universities refer to as the perfect storm for the […]

Post 9/11 Women Veterans: A Profile in Higher Education

In the United States today, over 1.8 million female Veterans comprise almost 20% of the active-duty armed forces, Reserve and National Guard, and 10 percent of the total Veteran population. By 2043, women will make up 16.3% of all living Veterans. Each year roughly 200,000 Servicemembers transition primarily from active duty. What is remarkable is […]

Attracting and Retaining Veterans in Higher Education

The problem is that universities and colleges vary significantly in service and support across the country, making few institutions “Veteran ready” and able to meet the needs of the Veterans they educate. Even further, research showed ws that one of the most significant barriers to pursuing a college degree after service is the perception among […]