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Builds meaningful and sustainable veteran programming in higher education, nonprofits, and corporations wanting to tap in the military market.

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We build veteran programs, communities, and people.

Did you know 22 million veterans in the U.S., some 2.1 military personnel, both active duty, reservists, and 6.2 million military family members?

Every client on a mission needs a “GuideOn” the Military.


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From social media content curation, marketing strategies to organizational needs assessment and coaching GuideOn will help you accomplish your mission. Learn more about our philosophy.

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GuideOn can provide aid in keynote speaking engagements, seminars, panels, emcee, special events, and special requests to meet the needs of your organization.


GuideOn curriculum builds on personal and organizational professional development in the military community through social media, branding, and marketing.

Program Curriculum

Let us help you build your program.

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Let us help you craft your graphics & messages.

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Let us guide your team to the finish line.

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Let us frame and size your opportunities.

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GuideOn Education Consulting LLC wants to bridge the resource and information gap to help your organization maximize its potential by tapping into the military market & community by providing GuideOn Consulting, Workshops, and Speaking Engagements to bridge the resource and information gap on all fronts.

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It is easy to get lost with the current number of veteran programs and resources throughout the United States.

The problem is multifaceted; as few agencies and organizations have the human resources, time, or access to a subject matter expert to conduct research. Let alone to improve or create substantial veteran programing to help their organizations tap into the military community from all fronts.

There are 22 million veterans in the U.S., some 2.1 military personnel, both active duty, reservists, and 6.2 million military family members. It’s a combined market of almost 27 million people here in the U.S. alone. It’s easy for brands to misread this group; largely because many Americans have little to no connection to veterans or the military.

Ashley is a true inspiration and leader to many. Her impact and story resonates long after she speaks. Her advocacy for the Military community is truly unrivaled. You will not find someone more passionate, determined and driven to make TRUE change.
Flossie Hall
Co-Founder AMSE, CEO/Founder Healthy Mama and Thyme for Health | Military Spouse

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